Executive, turboprop aircraft and Helicopter Charter

Ultimate control over your schedule and itinerary use of privately chartered executive aircraft provides high levels of security, safety, compfort, privacy and convenience.

Our dedicated Executive Jet has an excellent understanding of the corporate executive and VIP individual charter market, combines with a network of international ground agents, provides you with a professional and flexible service, ensuring ‘time critical’ schedules are met in the most effective, highly personalized and discreet manner.

We can provide a full range tailored to your specific requirements up to 13 seats.
*  Midsize executive jet are VIP jet aircraft with maximum of 13 seat and standing height cabins
*  Caravan C-208B Turboprops are cost effective charter solution and able to operate into small airfields not accessible by jets or larger aircraf, with cabin seating up to 9 passangers
* Helicopter provides evem more flexible for short distance flights seating up to 4 passangers

Your charter can be personalized with best services catering with the utility of private lounge

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