Papua, the majestic eastern-most province of Indonesia, situated on the western side of the island of New Guinea, is home to more than 3.5 million people with a rich diversity of ethnic backgrounds. An island where over 250 indigenous languages are spoken, its central highlands boast the highest mountains in Southeast Asia. Its lowlands consist of thousands of square kilometers of swamp and rain forest. PT. Enggang Air Service for over five years has been to serve the people of Papua with passionĀ­, professional with once or twice flight at a time.

Of the more than 100 destinations that served PT. Enggang Air Service, the majority are connected to the outside world solely by air transportation. PT. Enggang Air Service makes it possible for the local people to travel between isolated villages quickly, saving them hours, and sometimes days, of walking! We also provide the ability for villagers to send produce and livestock out to markets in the cities. Through service PT. Enggang Air Service, access can be granted to interior villages, allowing all consultants, specialists, and others to help communities constructively grow and become part of the larger economic and social community.